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BAOTE INDUSTRIAL GROUP located in the beautiful “peninsula” in Qingdao City of China is a national new and hi-tech enterprise that inherits tradition and pursues innovation. BAOTE Group has three sub-branches which is focus on different business line.
First is steel products—All kinds of standard and nonstandard bolt, nuts, flat washer, screws and waste steel bins, steel container which is in the scope of BAOTE Industrial Manufacturing Co,. LTD
Second is plastic bags—All kinds of skip bag, concrete pump washout bag, asbestos removal bag, pp big bag; All produced by Plastic True Leader.
Third is Qingdao Rainbow Tech Co., Ltd, which is Precast Concrete pipe machinery and Plastic machinery supplier. The product includes vibration Concrete pipe-making machine in 2005 and successfully developed the first vertical radial extrusion pipe machine in 2012. Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) line is also in the scope.


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  • Concrete Washout Bags

    Concrete washout bags can be used to dispose or transport  the concrete and any type of material.,it cheaper a lot than steel washout pan,it has the advantage of durable,massive demonds and ...
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    Asbestos, also known as “asbestos”, is a commercial term that refers to silicate mineral products with high tensile strength, high flexibility, resistance to chemical and thermal erosio...

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